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This marks the beginning of a company that is solely focused on WordPress development. We believe that focusing on only one system allows us to deliver high quality products that outshine all the other products of its class. We are outstandingly specialized in high end WordPress development for larger sites, where we need to build custom functionality. Due to this our second major focus point will be scalability and security. We build sites that are confronted with a great amount of traffic. These sites, even when that happens, still need to function properly and be as quickly as the visitors are accustomed to. This is where we enter the picture. Together with our clients we create durable sites that are able to withstand the high amount of traffic which they have to face. We provide only the best for our valuable clients, at the same time we listen to their wishes and based on those we let our magic flow.


WordPress is web software you can use to create an outstanding website or blog. Already 24.2% of the web runs on this software and it has been leading the market for years. It’s the most robust and trusted system out there on the web and most important of all, when we build sites we are able to update them for the next upcoming years without breaking it down. Exclusively for this reason we build sites with WordPress, which again contributes back in this project.

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